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About Our Camp

Ida Smith is located near Lake Merced in San Francisco, just a few miles from Ocean Beach and the SF Zoo. 


Our basecamp will be at Hauser House which is a cabin that has a full kitchen, common space and detached bathroom. Each patrol of campers will also have access to rustic cabins keeping them out of the elements. 

Mission & Vision

The San Francisco Service Unit's Ida Smith Development team has modernized this inner-city oasis. It's now ready for the next generation of Girl Scouts. Our goal is to continue the popular volunteer-led day camp again this year. 



  • Special guest speakers

  • Outdoor cooking

  • Mechanical engineering related activities

  • Hiking

  • Girl Scout program

  • Arts & crafts

  • Singing

  • New friends & FUN


SOCKS and durable SHOES such as sneakers or hiking boots with shoelaces are necessary for camp. NO sandals, slip-ons, clogs, jellies or heels. NO “short-shorts” or halter tops or Girl Scout uniforms. SHORTS are allowed with long socks. LONG PANTS are recommended to protect campers from deer ticks and scratches on hikes. Pack a SWEATSHIRT and LONG PANTS as temperatures can change quickly. The campers do get dirty, so, no new clothes and please label everything. This dress code is for the health and safety of the campers.



Each camper needs to bring a WATER BOTTLE and LUNCH each day; BANDANA or HAT; BACKPACK to carry all of her things; see CLOTHING recommendations above.



 Please NO radios, iPods, electronics devices, expensive items, candy, gum or sugary snacks.



Campers should apply sunscreen before coming to camp each day and bring more with them for reapplication. A hat is also recommended.


If for any reason your child needs leave during the day, as for a doctor's appointment, you must send a note the previous day detailing the time you child will be leaving, who will be picking your child up, the license number and make of their vehicle. Your child must be signed out with the camp nurse. If your child returns to camp it must be before 2:30 PM. You will need to sign your child back in with the camp nurse. If at all possible do not schedule appointments during camp hours, as we don’t want your child to miss out on camp program.



If your camper has special needs, please let us know immediately so that we can make appropriate accommodations. If there are any food allergies that we need to know about please let us know as soon as possible and on the Health History form.


Campers will be assigned to camp patrol and will remain in that patrol the entire week. There are usually two adults and one camp aides assigned to each unit as well. At camp we encourage campers to meet and make new friends.


Camp is a community. The community of camp is unique; it is shaped by the physical, outdoor space of camp, the teambuilding nature of our activities, and the welcoming environment that we strive to create.


Your camper should expect to be immersed in an environment that:

  • Encourages personal responsibility: campers take care of themselves, camp, and one another.

  • Takes place in nature: campers learn environmental stewardship and share space with bugs and critters.

  • Is "unplugged” and focused on being present: campers will not have access to electronics.

  • Encourages self-exploration: campers try new things, explore their identity, and gain confidence.

  • Relies on teamwork: campers work together as part of a team.

  • Is respectful and inclusive: campers and staff strive to create a safe space and respect one another’s identities.

  • Nurtures belonging and the active practice of allyship: Allyship is the active way of life that allows campers to keep an open mind and heart about the lived experiences of others so that they can learn how to nurture equity, opportunity and inclusion for everyone.

Find out more about GSNORCAL's camp culture code.

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